Things to Do While You Wait

Mists is almost two months away. If you’re caught in the pre-expansion lull, there’s things you can be doing in the meantime. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Mount gathering. There are still quite a few 100% drop mounts in the game along with, of course, plenty of rares. If you don’t have some of them it’s more worthwhile than ever to run some of that content since those mounts are account wide once Mists drops.
  2. Pet hunting. No, not those pets! If you are interested in Pet Battles, then now is the time to gather in your soldiers! Many more will be added with Mists, but there are a large number available now.
  3. Dailies… with a twist. If you’d like to get a jump on the leveling process, here’s one suggestion. Complete as many max level dailies as you can find but don’t turn them in. Once Mists is live, you can turn them in for a quick bump to the leveling process. How do you know if they’ll grant rep? They’ll be yellow or green (though yellow will obviously grant more XP) in your Quest Log. Suggestions? The Hyjal Molten Front quest hub is good, but unfortunately some of the quests are chained so you cannot “hold” all of them for completion. However, you can also tee up with Stormwind fishing and cooking dailies along with the Jewelcrafter daily. If you haven’t done the Twilight highlands quest chain, most if not all of those will probably be yellow for you as well.
  4. Professions. Professions at the start of an expansion can be quite profitable especially if you are a gatherer. If you’ve been lagging on your profs, level them up now so you’re at max level and ready to go.
  5. Justice for all. At this point, many folks have as much gear as they can us, but what about the Monk or other alts you are intending to roll? If you’d like to level quickly, Bind on Account (BoA) gear is your best bet. Several items are purchasable with Justice points along with a few from Guild rep. There are several articles out there that have good suggestions on which items to gather for the various classes. The only thing I’d add is that many of the articles out there still mention head enchants which are supposed to be removed from the game so I’d ignore those sections.

I’m sure there are other things that people have planned to prepare so share in the comments section.


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